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Alright . . . all of the plants have been watered, the oven is off, animals have all been given their instructions, the trash has been taken out and all of the lights around headquarters. We are officially closing up shop for the remainder of 2010.

Did you have a good year?! I really hope so. I think that for the most part everyone around here did. At least those are the early reports coming in from all of our field ops. I rust in my field ops. because they are ops-er-iffic!

Now – some of you get twitchy when breaks are taken (which is understandable . . . I miss me when I go to bed at night (a joke)) – – so – – I’ve had Robot go through the last year and pick out 10 nifty stories. Here they are in no particular order, I hope that you love them.

You are our best friend.


– N.Bumpercar

Howdy everyone!

I am in the process of making a links page for all of my buddies that roam around the internet. Go and check it out. Then go and check out the links. I guarantee that you’ll find websites!

Now. Are you a pal with a website that I forgot to mention? Well, it should be known that I have a quarter of a brain. So – yell at me (nicely) and let me know – and I’ll add you to the growing list.


Howdy everyone!

There is a new episode of The Know Show up . . . Why don’t you have a listen?!

Summary: Socks the Dog has to go to the vet to get his flu shot.

Wait a minute . . .

The dog had to get a flu shot?!? That almost sounds ridiculous!

Let’s find out what we know about the situation and let’s do it quickly!