So much to catch up on. Thanksgiving, Elfie’s arrival, fear of death – and a need for love. On this weeks Bumperpodcast!

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The Bumperpodcast is an oftentimes hilarious weekly romp around Headquarters, in Coffee-Can Alley, with Natty Bumpercar and his entire gaggle of pals! 

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Giving them thanks like it’s nobody’s business … But – it is – because we are so appreciative. Thanks and thanks and thanks!

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This is one of those tremendously great things that hasn’t happened to me in a long long while. Maybe it has happened to you. Maybe you have been on the other side and you will not be impressed at all.

While wandering around – today – my eyes were drawn to two little rectangles in the ground. The rectangles screamed at me. I did the only thing that I could do . . . I bent and scooped while still moving along. Then I smiled.

I had just won 6 bucks from the planets lottery! I used to happen every so often – but – I was super-duper thrilled because it hasn’t happened in awhile – and – it is such a tremendously great way to make a day that much better.

If this ever happens to you . . . My advice is to bend, scoop and keep walking. Don’t pause. Don’t delay and don’t get greedy and start searching around for more. You got what you got – and – it’s more than you had.


(and thanks!!)