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It’s a deep south day at Headquarters with Natty Bumpercar on the Bumperpodcast. We talk about sweet tea made by angels down at the bbq stand. Sweet tea made by angels – who live in the sky – and make sweet tea.

A story is also told about being tackled by a dog who is hungry and looking for a tasty treat …

There is really a lot to take in on today’s episode of the Bumperpodcast!



For my big style birthday secret party eating jam I was taken to Daisy May’s BBQ way over in the hinterlands of 11th avenue in Manhattan. While I had heard of it – I had never been there and was totally shocked to find out just how close to my work local that this gem of a restaurant is.

After a bunch of hemming and hawing with which kind of ribs to get – the nice girl behind the counter offered me the choice of an off the menu mixture of the two. My decision was made for me. I would be eating both the Kansas City Sweet & Sticky and the Memphis Dry Rub Pork Ribs (I ended up preferring the Dry Rub – as they had a nice spice to them) as well as the little army of sides that were must haves . . . the Rustic Creamy Corn with NY State Cheddar (the creamed corn had cheese in it – yum!), the Baked Beans with Burnt Ends (whoever invented burnt ends is on my short list of heroes, the Mashed Potatoes with Red Eye Gravy (you could probably put the gravy on a shoe and I just may eat it – or at least gum it a little bit) and the Golden Spicy Corn Bread (so – so tasty).

I had enough food to last for days – literally, I just finished it all today (three days later) – and I haven’t even gotten around to telling you about the sweet tea – that comes in a mason jar (that you get to keep!) – that has mint in it – that is the best sweet tea by far that I have had in many many moons.

The prices were kind of normal prices for a BBQ place in these and many other parts that I have been to and are pretty indicative of what I feel like I should be paying for food that is so time consuming to make – and which requires so much love to make . . . that cooking love is some expensive stuff. The only thing that was a bit rough was the $4.00 sweet tea – but again – since it was brewed in tea heaven in pitchers held by ancient gods that used cherub tears to get it to that perfect sweetness and sprigs of mint delicately harvested from the untouched (by dirty human hands) mint fields of legend to infuse the taste with an extra special level of depth . . . I really can’t complain – I mean criminy – how much is gas these days?!

Anyway – if you can get there – then go and eat as much as you can. Try not to fall into the boat that I did – which was going a little too far past my eating threshold . . . as you will have to walk quite a ways after your meal to get back to the mean streets of midtown – where I highly recommend that you maintain your wits at all times.

Because they are probably out to get you . . . that’s why.

Here is the info:

Daisy May’s BBQ

Restaurant: 623 11th Ave. (at 46th St.), 212-977-1500.
Cart: 50th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues, No Phone.

I was in New York – Manhattan – Times Square yesterday when a real hankering for sweet tea hit me hard in the gullet . . . real hard.

But what is a proper southern gentleman to do when the very concept of sweet tea is so very alien to people north of – roughly Virginia?

I – myself – have been to places that purport to be “Real Down-Home Southern Cooking” up here in the up north – and when I nervously asked if they had sweet tea – they give blank stares – and shrugged shoulders – and mumbles about how there are sugar packets on the table if I needed them . . . Sugar Packets?! What am I going to do with those – dump a few into my glass of cold tea and watch as those lovely life giving crystals float their way to the bottom? I say – no sir to that.

Sometimes – in a million times – there will be a place that has this drink of choice – and they will be so bold as to charge for refills – of sweet tea – yeah – seriously – don’t waste my time – okay maybe just one more glass.

To the point of the post – McDonald’s has sweet tea – and it is a dollar – and I went to get it so that I could throw it into the trash can as Ieft – and then I took a sip – and was blown away. I was drinking sweet tea and it was good. So – so good! There was even a hint of lemon (a must add for some people) to the tea – you know why? Because there was a lemon in the – odd styrofoam cup that the drink came in . . . an actual little lemon wedge staring up at me as happy as it could be – aaaahhhhhh . . .

I suppose that I could make my own sweet tea at home to save money, have a better product and potentially a more fulfilling life – but why when it is so easy to check the schedule – get on a bus into Times Square and go to the home of northern sweet tea – McDonald’s – would I ever bother to do any of that junk?

(Next up – a probable trip to the dentist – when he tries to tell me that sweet tea isn’t as good for my teeth as I have been hearing – yeah – okay. . .)