An “owlet” is apparently a small little tiny owl or perhaps a not quite old yet young in the tooth (do birds – outside of dinosaur birds – even have teeth?!) type of owl.

And I made this little thing up for somebody who seems to like these “owlets” that you have been hearing so much about – I mean just look up there at that first sentence . . . you got practically a type of definition there – and who could ask for more than the precious gift of knowledge – harumph . . .

And I’m go-go-gone . . .

Well – well – well . . . for the sake of being lazy – and also for the other sake of actually updating on a semi-normal basis – we here at Bumpercar HQ (which to my mind is short for “Headquarters” – which you really probably already knew) have decided to let the little ants live over here in the Bumperblog.

“Who in the world are these “ants” anyways?” You may very well be asking yourself – and since it is such a fine question – I have have have decided to answer it as perfectly as I possibly can.

The “ants” may or may not have originally been called “Lil’ Man” – with the main ant – the one who is usually on the left being the aforementioned “Lil’ Man” . . . it was a name that he hated and that was just supposed to be just ridiculous enough to work – and then this terrible thing happened – and the name immediately went away – and I just started referring to them as “ants.”

After drawing some of these things in the notebook that lives in my back pocket, I would often say “Hey. I made some more ants today.” Or something like that right before I made somebody read the little buggers. What a blast it all was. A serious ball was had by all . . .

Now a quick explanation – a caveat – these are meant to be silly little bugs that are sometimes miserable with the world around them – so they aren’t always that nice or happy. If you are ridiculously easily offended – and you would like something full of wit and whimsy – may I recommend this comic strip . . . They are done really fast for the most part (sometimes even while driving) – so they look how they look (to my mind – a good way to describe them would be “endearing” – hee).

Anyway – seriously – thanks for looking at stuff – if you keep doing that – then I promise to keep making more stuff – for you to then look at – and then – oh you get the point – on and on we go. Too-de-loo!

Oh – My – Gosh . . . You don’t know who “Doodle Poodle” is? Well – he is the svelt puppy with a ridiculous haircut that you see right up there (“up there” being a relative term to describe the only image of a poodle – or of any dog that can currently be found on this here page). You should totally go and visit him, see his new cartoon and then try to get the little singing brushes and pens out of your head . . . they are kind of catchy. Doodle – Poodle – Doodle – Poodle . . . What will he draw next?

And here is how you get there –