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All right guys and girls – enough is enough for me. I know when to hang my tail between my legs and run away.

It has been a swell year – and I aim to sleep for the remainder of it – so there will be no updates from today until Monday – January the 6th. That is – unless I get super over antsy – or something – which I sometimes do – and there is a bunch of stuff marinating in my noggin that I haven’t had the time to post lately – sooooooooooo – hmmm.

Anyways to keep you occupied until then – here are a few of my person favorite things that happened this year on the site.

Stuff that is stuff!





Awesome stuff – the whole lot of it. And – if by some chance – you missed a month here of there – feel free to rummage around to see what other gems you can find.

Alright – then – see ya when I see ya!

On the train – on the train – on the train – and yowza! Somebody put milk into my tea. On Saturdays, I have the privilege of getting to shop in the little train station shop – which happens to close before my normal weekday train. It is a tiny store which has a tough time fitting two people side-by-side and that leads to it having a very limited selection of treats. One of the things that they weren’t able to fit into the confines was lemon juice for the tea. Now – I’m not sure if you have ever seen me make “hot” tea – but a pretty fair amount of sugar goes into the cup to make a sweet sweet concoction – a sweet sweet treat – and normally I love to drop some lemon into the mix to push the azucar back a smidge. Well – today – there was no lemon (at this place – there is never any lemon) and so I decided to try the trick of cutting back on the sugar and then adding some milk (2% in case you were worried about my fat intake). I have to say . . . it is really tasty – and probably about as close as you are going to find me coming to drinking (blech) coffee (which is gross).

It kind of feels like I have a secret in my cup that no one else knows anything at all about (excepting you guys – that is – but we are totally cool – so let’s keep it on the low-low) – and not only just that – but a new taste to add to my repertoire. I can’t wait to get the opportunity at some restaurant – or something – where I am in the mood to get faux-snooty and ask the waiter for some milk for my tea that I will be having with my scone – or whatever – and then finish the whole scene off by daintily picking up the tea cup – pinky finger out (of course) and enjoying what the night has to offer.

Today is Thanksgiving and I am on the train going into the city to do the job. The train is pretty empty – I suppose that most people who were going to be traveling probably already did. It is a nice switch from the mobs that have been packing the commute for the last couple of weeks to get their piece of city holiday spice. Because while pieces of spice are nice . . . packed trains are not.
On the train – there are 3 (three) seaters and 2 (two) seaters. I usually opt for the 3 (three) seaters when the train is empty so that I can fall asleep if the need hits me – which it seems to a bunch these days.
Today there were so many empty seats that I didn’t even think of hopping into a big three and setting my bag – my pillow – next to me. Then Mister Conductor came up – a fill in for the holiday – not my normal conductor who is nice and makes jokes with the passengers – and says “You gotta move that bag in case somebody wants that seat.” Confused – I said “Excuse me?” And he just repeated that I had to move the bag. I looked past him and pointed out that there were 5 (five) rows of empty seats across the aisle and he said to move the bag.
I would totally love for a better ending – but all that happened was that I scootched the bag over, no one sat next to me and I fell asleep about 30 (thirty) minutes into the trip. How’s that for excitement?!

Whenever people talk about how cute it is that their dog was smiling at this – or maybe even that – I have to shake my head. Because when my dog (Mister Irving Brown Socks) smiles . . . I know that bad – noxious – things are about to happen. Smiling leads to that crazy blurka-blurka-blurka stomach noise and then straight to a pool of foamy dog vomit – usually in the car.

See why I get skeeved when I hear about people’s dogs smiling . . .