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I probably wrote out 10 things last night. I really – seriously – probably – tried to post it. I honestly thought that it went out onto the tubes. But it didn’t.

I don’t even have a copy of my list . . . 

So here is my shot at trying to re-make my list.

  1. I’ve been seeing either a lot of skunks lately – or – one skunk a whole lot.
  2. I woke up on Tuesday with a band-aid on my arm and couldn’t remember where it came from.
  3. There was an elephant nabbing in my house this week.
  4. Don’t let your dogs eat leaves. It doesn’t end well.
  5. Legal papers give headaches.
  6. I found the band-aid on my arm again. It was Thursday. 
  7. The world snowed on me. I didn’t like it.

(hey . . . 8 out of 10 isn’t all that bad – right?!)

Stuff the first:
• I’ve been doing a lot of sneezing lately. But not the kind of sneezing that most humans are used to. I am talking crazy ten in a row seeing spots in front of my eyes – when will this end – types of sneezing. To make it stop – I gargle with Listerine (mostly because it kind of hurts – and I want my sneezing mechanisms to feel the pain that they are putting me through) and then I snort water up my nose (which I only recommend if you are interested in partially drowning yourself). The sneezing then tends to stop. Until it all starts over again.

Stuff the second:
• Today – while coming back from a walk – Socks was caught scooting along behind me. When I turned around to see what he was doing – he actually looked ashamed – turned his eyes away and hopped up to start walking again. I had to explain to him that I would much rather that he drag his tiny dog butt outside on the grass than on my pillow. That would be a fireable offense.

Stuff the third:
• There is a house down the street with a monster of a dog. It freaks out everytime we walk down the road. The owner-lady was out in the yard today and she used the old “He’s really big – but believe me – he’s a sweetheart.” and then she threw in the old standby of “His bark is much worse than he is.” Okay – so she mixed the old standby up a smidge – who among us hasn’t?!
Anyway – it got me thinking – do all animal owners think that their puppies are inherently as sweet as pie? Would they think that way if they owned a badger – or a King Cobra – or a Puma – or whatever? “Oh look at how adorable my pet Hyena Freckles is . . . he just gutted your dog . . . Oh – but it’s okay – they are just playing around!”

Hey there!

Hi there!

Welcome back – to there . . . that spot in front of your computer where you go to to look at stuff – including (I am guessing) this stuff.

It has been a busy time around the shop – what with all kinds of holidays coming and going (How were yours? Mine were super-swell) and all kinds of other shenanigans popping up all around (Had to convince Socks that getting his tongue pierced was not any kind of a good idea – at all). And in between – and sometimes during the hoot-e-nanny, we also worked on some nifty stuff for you to see (If you go to the main page of the website – www.nattybumpercar.com – you may notice some new stuff – maybe).

Anyway – it is great to have you back!

We promise to attempt to try to make it great in 2008 – or some such jibberish as that.