This is the newest – hotest – mostest awesomest Bumpercar store on the block. It is a Port & Company 100% pre-shrunk cotton dark grey shirt with a lighter grey design – so it is all tone on tone cool. Don’t you want to be tone on tone cool? Of course you do!!

It is also the cheapest Bumpercar shirt that you will ever see – EVER!! Only $9.99!! I worked with all of the elves and the wizards in the forest to get the prices down on these – so that all of you can get one. All of you!

So – get to ordering!!

Link to order: Click Here!


For the first time ever . . . We here at headquarters are thrilled to say that there is a store – a real life store – where our paintings are being sold. The store is Lili Meili & Beau and it is at 33 Watchung Plaza Montclair, NJ 07042-4117 (973) 746-0089 – – evidently there is no website  – – maybe I should make one!

Anyway – they have a ghost, a dinosaur, a penguin, a horse and a robot. As soon as I can – I’ll get the images up on the site so that you can see all that there is to see.

Hopefully – this is a good sign for the year to come. If you know of any stores in your area that you think would love to carry my little paintings – then totally let me know – because I certainly do enjoy making them.

Huzzah and hooray . . . I feel super-official!

Paintings are in the mercantile system!


There is a new store (again – again – again – hopefully for the last time) in town. Right now it has the same stuff – but is better and easier and faster – and will maybe let me concentrate on getting more stuff – instead of just constantly building new stores . . .

Just go to to see all that there is to see!

Jump on it!

Hi everybody! So just to get this out of the way and to make it so that there are a couple of more posts on this here thing than none . . . Here is a quick picture of my little store. It is fairly new – about a month or so – but it is something that I have been trying to figure out for just about ever. So look look look around – it’ll never cost anything to take a peek. (I think . . .)

And here is how you get there –