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So – yesterday – my email box (quite literally) blew up!

Everyone was asking for their Free Sticker – which is great – that is why I had them made in the first place – but – seriously … I think that I had 70 people asking for stickers. Wowsers!

Did anyone buy anything? No. Did they all scoot over to follow me on Twitter – or – Fan me on the Facebook? Nope … They just had a sticker jones – and – I was the guy to fill it.

By-the-way, did you know that if you click on the box over there on the right – the one that says “Click Here For A Free Sticker” that I’ll actually send you a sticker?? Now ya do!

I looked into it – and – I found that all of these free-stuff-type of sites were linking to me … how fun is that?! Here is a list of the sites … I stopped the list at 20 – because – I just couldn’t believe how many of these sites there actually were in the world – and – I stopped the list at 20.

Now, I am looking for an intern to send out this ever growing pile of sticker requests …


Howdy everybody!

I can’t believe that it is pretty much spring – and I haven’t asked you if you need any stickers – because what goes better with the season of spring than getting nifty stickers in the mail?!

All you need to do is send me an email (or I guess leave a comment) that tells me that you want to get in on some sticker action – and then – just like bingo-bango-bong – Socks will drop some stickers into the post box for ya.

Sometimes – from what I have heard – some other nifties sneak into the envelope as well . . .

So – what are you waiting for???