power_trip_1I was all set to write this review . . . I had taken the photos, popped the top and then taken a few sips. Then I got distracted – and am just now – a couple of days later – coming back to it. For the record – the glass has been sitting on my desk for about three days. Waiting. . .

When I initially opened the Power Trip can, I had no idea what the universe had in store for me. I did know a couple of things. The first was that this exercise of going through all of the energy drinks that I have been lugging around was going to stretch the limits of good taste and potentially health. The other thing that I knew was that the Power Trip can was looking mighty unimpressive – all starburst, broken rock font – with the second largest graphic being a zero . . . as in zero sugar and zero carbs. Yum!

The tagline screamed at me to “Taste the Power!” So I did and let’s just say that this drink blew my mind. It was the most consistently blue drink through and through that I have ever had that didn’t taste like that distinct “blue flavor” that all of the kids love these days. It is a drink that is fit for a Smurf mostly because it was very, very blue, but also because of how palatable it is. Smurfs are well known to have very well developed palates.

One problem that I do have – but this is going to come up regularly with these sugar-free drinks is how chemical the sweetener comes across. That taste is why I can’t drink diet sodas. It is gross and I just can’t stand it at all.

Did it give me all of the “Power” that it was promising? Not entirely sure . . . been kind of sick the last couple of days – and as I said – I only had a little bit of this 16 ounce gargantuan can of goodness . . . but the taste made me hopeful for the rest of the drinks – so there is something there . . . right?!

A true indication on if I enjoyed it comes from the fact that I was only going to drink enough to get an idea of what it had to offer – but then I kept on finding myself sneaking sips – drinking more than I needed to. This was certainly .60 cents well spent!


Stay tuned for more reviews – as I continue to clean out my fridge. Yum!

Okay . . . Today – I went against one of my (poorly) self-enforced rules and ate lunch at Popeye’s.

Now – don’t get me wrong – they do serve up some tasty treats at the house of Cajun chicken and biscuits – but is the outcome – the pain – worth it??

I was intrigued by the loaded chicken wrap. It was loaded with rice & beans and a chicken strip – a potential yum treat – but in reality, considerably less than yum – significantly less than a treat.

When I managed to dig though the layers of grease, the saddest little (thankfully) lifeless lump of wrapped pudge was sitting there. Not really sure what to do – I stared to sprinkle a healthy amount of “Cajun Sparkle” (photo not available) around the lump – to bring it back from the brink a bit.

I tried it – and found that nothing about how it looked was a lie. It was extremely ugh. It was kind of a food disaster. I hope that you don’t ever eat one.


All I can say is that the levees of my food rules have been shorn up – and hopefully the rivers of miserable food in the wold around me will be kept at bay.

Otherwise . . . Oh the horror – Oh the pain.

This taco is the best!

My television recently came down from magic mountain with news of a product so wonderful and perfect – that they had me at red shell.

It all makes so much sense . . . different colored taco shells! Just think about it – our feet are now firmly planted on the way to a Christmas themed tacos – a July 4th taco – a President’s day taco!!!

Anyway – it is called the “Volcano Taco” and except for a bit of spicy orange goo. . . It is really just a normal meat, lettuce and cheese – taco.

Wait – did I just say that it is basically a normal taco?!? Well – it isn’t. It is a super-taco, it is the future and it comes in a red shell.

Seriously – I’m not even kidding around a bit . . . this taco is the best.