Bumpercar is back – with a very special guest – and – Pig, Robot, and Doodle Poodle are scrambling to cover themselves on this episode of the Bumperpodcast!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Pig, Robot, and Doodle Poodle are still running the ship on this episode of the Bumperpodcast … Runnning it right into the ground – that is!

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Natty Bumpercar is flummoxed to start the show and have guests show up … It’s a bit of a cacophony … Pig and Robot throw us immediately of of the rails. This show is already broken. Yay!

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Blibber. Blabber. Blubber!

Here in Headquarters, everyone is lost and running into walls and spinning around in circles … We make an attempt to jump headfirst back into the waters and end up with a giant bonk on our nose.

Again, we have a guest host and bedlam and chaos and a bunch of sillies.

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There is chaos all around!

The Bumperpodcast is a free weekly comedy podcast with squeaky clean laughs and jumbles!

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Back again for the fourth (miraculous) year – I am making stupendous tremendous painterly drawings . . . for you! And this year – not only are there even more options for you to choose from – but you can also get your painting framed!

They will be 5″ x 7″ on Arches paper, and will be made with pencils, pens and acrylic paint and this and that and a bit of awesome.

So. Go through and click the buttons to that tell me what to do and let me know some stuff, and soon, you will go to your mailbox and find a sweet sweet treat.

Each painterly drawing is $65.

[Shipping & handling are totally free (in the U.S.)!]

This offer will go away on Friday, December 2 at midnight . . . So make sure to place you order before then. This is to ensure that all drawings will be shipped by December 14 – so that you can stuff them in your stockings – or wherever you feel the need to stuff them – or something.

Thanks three times six million!

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