Pig rocks the mic with an all new and all awesome song on today’s special Friday edition of the Bumperpodcast … And then – maybe his dulcet tones bring in a partner looking to sing a bit of a duet. All on todays episode of the Bumperpodcast!

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Every pig is working for the weekend – and on this episode of the Bumperpodcast – your host Pig and his producer Yetkin the moose are guaranteed to get you to the weekend in style.

Okay – we aren’t legally allowed to guarantee anything … but – we really hope that they will at least make it through the whole show … We really do.

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HOLY COW! Today is the last day of intern Bamboo’s internship … and everyone at Headquarters probably has a huge surprise in store … Maybe it’s a party?!

You will probably have to listen to the Bumperpodcast to find out!


Since the website is more than moderately broken, we decided to treat you with a special early in the week edition of the Bumperpodcast!

We even have a new weekend reporter – and – maybe Robot shows up as well … on today’s Bumperpodcast!

Holy mountains of beans! Can you even believe what Pig has found inside of Headquarters?! It’s a box … I wonder what could possibly be inside?

Maybe you should watch the shenanigans to find out for yourself …

Oh – and maybe Yetkin the moose (might) stop by (maybe) to lend a hoof or two … who knows?