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Howdy everyone!

I am in the process of making a links page for all of my buddies that roam around the internet. Go and check it out. Then go and check out the links. I guarantee that you’ll find websites!

Now. Are you a pal with a website that I forgot to mention? Well, it should be known that I have a quarter of a brain. So – yell at me (nicely) and let me know – and I’ll add you to the growing list.


Here is a pretty nifty web-site design that I made for a client – that they ended up not using. It is a tree – a website tree – and it has a nice spot in the bottom left where “cute images” can go and live.

Now you have seen it – and now you know.


Howdy every single one of you.

Remember how I said that I had been bitten by that busy bug? I believe that I had referred to it as something along the lines of a super-busy bug – or something like that . . .

Well that picture below is the home page of a big huge moving around and a lot of stuff site that I just finished – with some serious help from a coder bee. The site is called idon’tstink.com – and there are skunks and a meter that you can fill up and a quiz that you can take and – as was mentioned – a whole lot of stuff going every which way.

Have fun roo-roo-rooting around!