Bumpercar is feeling a bit Eeyore this week – but – there is one thing in the world that will cheer him up … And that is YOU, Bumperpodcast.

Thanks for being awesome.

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Of all of the awesome!!

Robot jumps onto the Bumperpodcast microphone to sing a little song – and manages to fail miserably …

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We learn when we fail!!!

Natty Bumpercar is finally back with an all new Bumperpodcast – in which he talks excitedly about where he has been lately – and more importantly … His birthday!

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Whoop! Whoop!

Silence ... Headquarters has gone all kinds of quiet.

And - then something magical happens ... 

Shhhhhhh ...

HOLY COW! Today is the last day of intern Bamboo’s internship … and everyone at Headquarters probably has a huge surprise in store … Maybe it’s a party?!

You will probably have to listen to the Bumperpodcast to find out!