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I think that you should probably scoot over to a little website by the name of “Nine Mouse Stew” and see what is going on. I just had to restrain myself from saying that you should go and ‘see what’s cooking’ – there was a great deal of temptation there – because there is a stew – which infers cooking and . . . jokes!

With tiny paintings like “a snail may not follow the brightest light” and “squids prefer to slide down” – as well as some animations and other doodads to check out . . . I think that you just may find some stuff that you will enjoy.

Here are several words from the site to point you in a direction.

The interstitial moments that occur between memorable events tend to be forgotten or go unnoticed.

Alright then cowpokes – thanks for looking around. Now go and look around some more.

Hello everyone!

Let me grab your gaze – gently – gently – good! Now that I have that in hand – let me (if you would please) direct it (your gaze) towards the blog of a pal of mine (who is not into pantomime . . .) – that I just discovered – and by discovered – I don’t mean dug up in an ancient and far away sarcophagus . . . but instead – mean discovered – as in – was told about it by the writer – herself.

Just so that you know what you are getting into . . . it is a food blog – and not like my food talking – where I inevitably and invariably end up talking about burgers (like there is any other worthwhile food) . . . but she seems to talk about all kinds of food. Including pie – which is good good food.

Here is your link (www.pinknest.blogspot.com) . . . now sally forth and find out how to properly make a pear and dried cherry pie – yum!

Oh boy – oh boy – everybody . . . check this out . . . my pal Clunky Robot (the guy there with the beard) and his pal (pal of my pal) Lil’ Tamo (the silver one with the springy arms) got written about in the weekly Atlanta paper know around those parts as Creative Loafing. It was an interview – with questions – that have answers – and my only complaint is that there weren’t enough (any) questions directed to Lil’ Tamo . . . but I am a sucker for that kind of stuff – and thereby hold my opinion as skewed.

I have linked to his site a few times for a few things – but still – I think it is worth it to link – link – link again – so here it is to check out (www.clunkyrobot.com).

Here is a link to the article – you go click?! (Creative Loafing Article)

Nice job – robots . . .

Howdy gang –

Are you going to be in (or around) Baltimore, Maryland, at any point between September 26 and October 13?! Well – if you happen to be – then go and see some spiffy paintings by my pal nicole. Here is her website (www.ninemousestew.com).
The show is at a place by the name of the Amalie Rothschild Gallery at the Creative Alliance – and the gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday.

Oh – and sorry about the spotty image up there – my scanner needs a good shower.

Zoom – zoom – zoom.

A friend of mine made a movie – named “Great World of Sound.”
It is opening today at the Angelika Film Center and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas – in New York.
Here are some of a bunch of reviews:

N.Y. Times Review

N.Y.Times Audio Thing

Village Voice Review

And – here are all of the Tomatoes that it got . . .
Go and see it – if you can.