We go to the dentist’s office . . .

Our speech gets slurred . . .

Then we do some babbling!

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While on a walk, Irving Brown Socks and I do a little hunting . . . A little searching . . . a little finding.

That’s right. It’s You lose I find, and it’s all up in your ears!


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I think that I may be a bit hungry – because every time that I try to talk about anything . . . I totally forget what it is that I’m supposed to say – and just end up talking about food.

Maybe I should make a list!?

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Happy New Decade, you!

****wait – isn’t it february?!****

Things haven’t changed that much – we still love to gripe and talk back.

****like a bunch of chickens in a coop.****

Showing that knowing a little about a lot is a very dangerous thing, it’s a frightfully winterized Know Show!

****oh! well then listen i shall.****

Howdy everyone!

There is a new episode of The Know Show up . . . Why don’t you have a listen?!

Summary: Socks the Dog has to go to the vet to get his flu shot.

Wait a minute . . .

The dog had to get a flu shot?!? That almost sounds ridiculous!

Let’s find out what we know about the situation and let’s do it quickly!