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Robot sneekily starts off the show by grabbing the mic while Natty Bumpercar is otherwise involved. Watch the sparks fly when Natty finds out!

Headquarters is getting packed and everyone is a little inundated.

Just take a deep breath and count to at least 2 or 3 …

It’s all about Headquarters . . .  why?! Because – Headquarters is getting moved from over here to over there.

Moving. Moving. Moving. All of the world is moving all around and all about.

We also learn that putting Cranberry juice into the morning cup of tea is a delicious treat that gets a Bumpercar’s day started out super-duper right!

Listen today to here all of that and a whole lot more – today – on the Bumperpodcast!

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Is it possible that there was mold in my jelly?

What happens to people that get sick in June?

Why am I dancing all around?

These are some of the things that I babble about today – on the Bumperpodcast!

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Holy fructose corn syrup!

I just experienced the whole world moving around and boy – it the weirdest thing . . . the oddest thing.

Very nice of California to put on such a show for me – though – very very nice!