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On today’s episode of the Bumperpodcast … our intern, Bamboo, goes missing – and when Robot is brought in to help find her … he runs out of juice.

What a cavalcade of calamities … how will we ever get through all of this in one piece?

I guess that you’ll have to listen to the Bumperpodcast to find out!



Cinnamon is totally missing – but – did he just walk out the front door? We bring in Mott the Sheep, a pirate, a police officer and Robot.
Things get a bit out of hand.
You can only find out all of the rest by listening to this weeks Bumperpodcast!
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Also – in fun news – we are now on Stitcher.com [link]! So, how much fun is that?!

People have been wondering all day . . . “Where is my weekly Bumperpodcast fix?!?”

Well calm down Johnny! It is being worked on. It ts being made and prettied up and it’ll be delivered onto your doorstep tomorrow morning.

Sit tight.

Best laid plans – and all of that.