This is officially the first “What could have been” Bumperpodcast of the year … You see – we were going to talk about kittens and squirrels – and then the big computer broke – and then the little computer wouldn’t accept the audio doo-hickey – and then I went and took a long bath.

I think that something was recorded … I am considering just making vinyl records of all of these and mailing them to listeners …. Or – writing everything out with ghost ink.

Have you ever made a vinyl record or written in ghost ink? Let us know by sending an email to – and maybe we’ll hire you.

You could live in a cave!!


After the audio issues on the last Bumperpodcast, we have to decided to blow your minds with an extra episode this week …

This episode also has audio issues … poop!

Well – my lifelong pal is still at headquarters and we bumble and babble through the brambles of another conversation …

What do we talk about?! Listen to find out for yourself, Punchy!!

Do you have audio issues in your day-to-day life? Let us know by sending an email to – and then we’ll squash them flat!



Oh! It’s a Bumperpodcast interview with a crummy microphone and major technical issues …

My lifelong pal has stopped by headquarters and now you know a little itty-bit more about me. Part of it being that I don’t have a screen set up and my ‘p’s’ and ‘b’s’ really pop out into the world.

Do you have a best pal in the world? Do you want to help us with our technical issues? Would you like to be interviewed? Let us know by sending an email to – and then we’ll blow this spot up!


We finally get to the bottom of all of the echos that have been going on … echos that you may not have even noticed – but – which were driving my bonkers!

We also try to get hooked up so that we can record an episode from the belly of a whale … All on todays episode of the Bumperpodcast!