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Grocery store list!


A Home Depot List


What day is today and how long has it been since I got to listen to you talking to me … Or – the other way around … the other way around.

Bumpercar tries to figure out the days of the week and gets excited about all of the new listeners – on this episode of the Bumperpodcast!

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I think that I may be a bit hungry – because every time that I try to talk about anything . . . I totally forget what it is that I’m supposed to say – and just end up talking about food.

Maybe I should make a list!?

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I probably wrote out 10 things last night. I really – seriously – probably – tried to post it. I honestly thought that it went out onto the tubes. But it didn’t.

I don’t even have a copy of my list . . . 

So here is my shot at trying to re-make my list.

  1. I’ve been seeing either a lot of skunks lately – or – one skunk a whole lot.
  2. I woke up on Tuesday with a band-aid on my arm and couldn’t remember where it came from.
  3. There was an elephant nabbing in my house this week.
  4. Don’t let your dogs eat leaves. It doesn’t end well.
  5. Legal papers give headaches.
  6. I found the band-aid on my arm again. It was Thursday. 
  7. The world snowed on me. I didn’t like it.

(hey . . . 8 out of 10 isn’t all that bad – right?!)