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Today – a baby takes over and does a whole lot of laughing on the Bumperpodcast … it may be too much laughing.

There probably isn’t enough laughing. This is a lot of laughing. I really hope that you like laughing, giggling, chortling, titters and a bunch of the hee-hee-hee … I really do!

Listen to the Bumperpodcast and laugh along for yourself … Why don’t ya?!


Now hear this! Now hear this!

The apple doesn’t far fall from from the tree. It can be transported efficiently by rail, though. Whoa, but watch the gravel! And if one falls into the creek, it floats, because apples are 25% air! Mixed up? Well, we’ve sure mixed it up for big number “one-oh”! With some hot air of our own — in colorful varieties!

This autumnal episode’s a real scream! We work on preliminary seasonal therapy and laugh about laughing. Our “Social Not-Working” segment is back with impressions of Twitter’s face lift, and we discuss how running a sole proprietorship with the iPhone 4 can keep you on your toes and off your feet! And what’s that smell? If you haven’t already, please throw away those rottin’ decorations. (Halloween’s for kids, punks). Super-special thanks to our engineer, Steven Reines and cred to Pain Teens. E-mail us or call us at (707) 901-SHOW, yo!