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Peep! Peep!

This is officially the first “What could have been” Bumperpodcast of the year … You see – we were going to talk about kittens and squirrels – and then the big computer broke – and then the little computer wouldn’t accept the audio doo-hickey – and then I went and took a long bath.

I think that something was recorded … I am considering just making vinyl records of all of these and mailing them to listeners …. Or – writing everything out with ghost ink.

Have you ever made a vinyl record or written in ghost ink? Let us know by sending an email to – and maybe we’ll hire you.

You could live in a cave!!



Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen and Ladies.

Look! In the middle of the busiest of times – here it is. A new cartoon!


At the beach – on one of the streets – there were a bunch of tiny cats. One day we watched them chase a squirrel, another day we couldn’t find them and the last day – one of them let me pet it.

This is the best photo that I could muster.

Cat in Bush