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Is ours a predictable era or an era of predictable error? Expect the unexpected as we cloud your head with worldly thoughts of weather forecasting, critters and digital innovation.

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My iPhone was so ridiculously excited to be posting the blurry Friday photo of a crummy ant saying “Hooray!” that it went ahead and did it three times.

That is a lot of posting from a phone that sometimes decides that it can’t post anything at all . . .

So – I think for the sake of the record – We’ll just leave them up – in an effort to really try to better understand the pressure to do right that this poor phone of mine lives under . . .

It’s like a pressure cooker in here!

I am sitting on a beach and earlier I tried to post a couple of pictures of what I am looking at – but the gremlins in my phone started acting up and ate the links to the photos in the HTML.\n\nBasically nothing appeared except for little question marks.\n\nThis is a test to see if a pure text post will work.\n\nIt could have been much shorter.

So – I got a nifty phone – and I love it a whole bunch – even though it has miserable reception – and with the latest sofware update it actually stopped being able to get email. It is all a big stew that I love to eat that makes me a total glutton for punishment.

Well – now my left ear has given out – and that is really just too much. Last night while walking the pup around I noticed that the ear piece kept falling out of my left ear. I was confused as to how something that had always fit so snuggley and perfectly could just stop.

My right ear started glowing at how well it was doing at holding onto the ear bud.

I started twisting and turning and jamming the thing into my ear – because I was really frustrated with this new predicament. But then – I finally had to just give up and let it hang there – all sad – and threatening to ruin the whole party by trying to pull the right ear piece out . . .

Well today – I was q-tippin’ my ear and – ye-ouch!!! It hurt. So I did a little “let’s see what’s going on here” and found that there was a big old bump in my ear. Now – did I cause this bump – or was it there last night – and was the cause of all of my woes?

Maybe I’ll never know . . . but what I do know is that I now have a phone that barely calls, won’t check email and only 1/2 of the amount of sound thata it originally had . . . what in the world could be next?

Why don’t you want to work anymore?

Mister Super-Phone.