Thrilled to be back in the saddle – with heat and power – Bumpercar talks about things like snowmen cotton candy.

He also thinks that his fridge smells funny.

Do you know any snowmen? Let us know by sending an email to – We’d love to meet them!

All of the snowmen!

Headquarters and all of the lands around Headquarters were attacked by a vicious storm this week and we are just now getting to a place where we have power and heat and a chance to record this ridiculousness.

We really hope that you were not touched by the tumult of Super-storm Sandy – as – she was particularly unpleasant.

Were you in the storm? Let us know by sending an email to – because – we want to bond with you.

That storm was a bear.

My pal, Pig, shows up at a house and interviews someone about the big storm that’s threatening Headquarters.

It is an exciting site to see … The information that he gathers is … invaluable.