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Natty Bumpercar welcomes in a super-fun-special guest into the studio … it’s Mott the Sheep!

What has Mott been up to? What is his visit all about? How has the summer been with his wool coat on – and – should we go to the salon to get him shaved?

So many questions and so little time on this week’s Bumperpodcast – Oh – and – you can let us know what you know at bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com.



The heat … the hot … the hoot!

Natty Bumpercar implores you to always make sure to wear your ice suits when going outside on days as hot as this one. Also – Irving Brown Socks potentially melts … All on todays episode of the Bumperpodcast!


I don’t know what is going on . . . we have stopped getting mail. It is so hot. Mott the Sheep stops by – and we try to figure out what his wool is called – it isn’t a jacket – we know that – but – what in the world is it?!?

I got a last minute ring on my telephone to come out and rock the mic at my new home away from home – Tierney’s in Montclair . . . Of course – I jumped at the chance to hop up and do some of the merry making.

My pal Pig came out for the show – and was even part of a sweepstakes!

I have to apologize – my normal camera was sleepy – so I ended up filming with my little magic phone – which seemed great at the time – except the colors are bananas weird . . . What are ya gonna do?!

Alright then – as always . . . Watch. Guffaw. Scratch your heads in confusion!