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Natty Bumpercar is back after a week of hiding in a hut – because he saw his shadow …

Did you get one of the messages that he sent out?

He did get your email – and – it hurt a little bit … Maybe more than a little bit.

Speaking of being hurt a little bit – we find out what happened to Yehti after the Valentine’s debacle …

Have you ever recorded a podcast with a splitting headache? I just did! Email us at bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com – and commiserate!

Yay headaches!!


Last night – I was struck by a miserable blinding headache – that sent me to the pillows to hide from all of the lights and the sounds of the world. Then – at some point – I was offered some sort of poison capsules – that – while they did seem to disrupt the headache – knocked me – all kinds of out – of the fun of working into the wee hours.

I shuddered awake at a little after 10:00 – and proclaimed my poison theory to anyone around the hideout that would listen – and then quickly re-succumbed to the power of the knock-out potion that was pumping through my system.

This unfortunate event has left me a penguin short – and some other things running late. I will try to make amends – now – by taking Socks for an exceptionally long walk – in which a proper plot at revenge for the poisoner can be figured out.

I am glad that – all in all – I feel better – though . . . I guess some poisons treat me well or at least the one known as tylenol . . . not especially willing to try others to see the effect – so don’t get any wise ideas – there.

Keeping two eyes on you.