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Here it is – the new podcast that everyone is talking about. The Bumperpodcast is an oftentimes hilarious weekly romp around Headquarters, in Coffee-Can Alley, with Natty Bumpercar and his entire gaggle of pals! 

It is a huge day at the Bumperpodcast because it’s Groundhog day! We even have a special guest on the show to talk about the fun. Then, we deliver an ad for an app called ‘Picniic’ on today’s episode of the Bumperpodcast!

Picniic is a nifty organization app for families who have way too much going on. I started playing with it last week, and was immediately shocked at how many times I have triple-booked myself over the next two months.

To check it out, yourself, go to picniic.com/getstarted to set up your account and use promo code: PODPIC for 30 days of Picniic Premium free! (Repeat with emphasis on URL and promo code and SPELL P-I-C-N-I-I-C)

Send us an email to bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com.

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It is an end of the week Bumperpodcast … Our “big get” guest of the week fell through and threw everything into a major tailspin – and so – here we are – just you and me chit-chatting!

Mostly – I tell you about a giant gravel voiced bear-man who sat at a table and grumbled at Pig and I.

Have you ever been grumbled at by an angry bear of a man? Let us know by sending an email to bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com – and then we’ll prepare the honey pots.

Prepare the honey pots!!!