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Mountain Sunrise Take a look at this concoction. It is called a “Mountain Sunrise” – and I just made it up.

The photo doesn’t come anywhere near close to properly showing off the color of the tasty tasty beverage as it transitions from a light and airy orange to a deep and vivacious red . . . but trust me. This is definitely a drink that you will want to pull out at your next dinner party – or back yard social – to really wow your guests.

What is in it – you may be wondering. What makes it the best drink – the most specials of specials – you are probably thinking right now.

Well – pals of mine – it is simple – really just two ingredients . . . icy cold Mountain Dew poured gently over a waiting base of grenadine – and the results are delightful.

A couple of tips. Don’t make this if you don’t like Mountain Dew – as it makes up the bulk of the mixture. Also – don’t expect to taste much cherry – as the Mountain Dew has an amazing propensity to block any other flavors that are added to it . . . I leave it to you to experiment. I leave it to you to enjoy.

So – whether you are in the city of the forest – one day soon, you should seriously consider curling up with your loved ones and sharing in the glow of a “Mountain Sunrise.”