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And – I meant for you to read that as Awesome! Artist Excitement! – and not at all as me being an awesome artist who makes excitement appear out of the thin air beneath my cap – or nothing.

Gawker Artist I decided – in my never failing need to be proactive – to apply to be a Gawker Artist . . . and they were swimmingly gracious enough to oblige – simply swimmingly!

How it works is – evidently – if you go to any of the websites in the Gawker community of blogs (which I seem to do quite too often) – then every so often – one of my pretty pictures will pop up. How nifty is that?

I have to admit that it was all really Irving’s idea – part of his “big plan” – so it will be interesting to see what his next big shenanigan is. Now all we have to do is repeatedly click refresh on all of those sites to see how long it takes for us to pop up.

Starting N-O-W!

Gawker Artist