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  • I always love pulling the wool over the eyes of octopuses … They are such suckers!
  • My floor creaks every time I move – so – I’ve decided to unpack and stay awhile.
  • At the water cooler – I’m the guy who loves to ask people it the water seems really “room temperature-ish” today …
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I was walking the other night (on March 31st) and almost fell over from laughing when I saw this hilarious joke that someone had obviously set up for the next day. I really hope that the witty prankster that put this joke together didn’t see me – as I could hardly even control my laughter.

Evidently – the next person to come up and use the phone was going to end up grabbing it from the wrong end – and then would be trying to listen into the talking end – and talking into the listening end!

It was such a classic that I felt like I had to share it with you . . .

Man – I wish that I could have been there to see the look on the hapless sucker that ended up falling for this comedic trap – whoo!