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Fun Run

Faced with a cold and grey and bleak world – I decided to do what I could to brighten the place up a little bit by grabbing Socks and going on the inaugural Montclair Fun Run. It was a grueling 9/10 of a mile around a couple of blocks that ended with a spirited 1/10 of a mile “cool down” walk.

There were no t-shirts, crowds lining the route, tables with cups of water or even – honestly – a designated finish line. There weren’t any other people running – and I guess if you want to nitpick – there wasn’t really a race . . . but there was fun and there was running – and there was a pretty heated competition that Socks was engaged in to see how many times he could pee while also keeping up with the pack (I was the pack).

Good times were had by all. Now we just have to determine the frequency of the event – and get some sponsors – and stuff.