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I’ve been working so hard on junk and junk – that my eyes actually gave up and went on the fritz.

So – now – I get to talk.

How about that?!

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Howdy gang!

I wanted to give you a quick update – because – as I’m humongously  positive that you are aware . . . there was no Snowflake today . . . and – it was bound to be a biggie – right?!

Well, I’ve been so – so – so busy working on the local railroad all of my live long days – to the point where – tonight – while about to go and start pecking away on the computer . . . My eyes actually decided that they had no interest in working properly anymore. It was a situation that went from mildly odd (it was like I was watching some deleted scenes from Fantasia), to annoying (the deleted scenes were being projected directly onto my cornea), to anxious city (the deleted scenes had subtitles in a language that I couldn’t read – and – there was going to be a mid-term test on the material tomorrow) and then to a freight train of a headache (the deleted scenes were staring the Bieber – or whoever).

I can’t stay – because of the whole eye thing – but, I have to tell you that there is some fantabulous stuff coming your way this week. A veritable bounty. A bevy. A bushell.

Last thing – last. I have to let you know that I did manage to finish my project that I was working on – under deadline – but – in order to do that . . . I actually had to wear sunglasses to dull the throbbing noggin – and to confuse the eyes into thinking that I wasn’t – still – making them stare at the computer.

And now?

I sleep.