Bumpercar is back and filling you in on all of the reasons why he has been gone. He seems to be in good spirits – so – let’s enjoy it while we can!

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Bumpercar needs to get with the program – so to do that, he brings a screaming tiny person to get things moving and to talk about and tell some jokes …

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A super-duper-terrific guest who hasn’t been in in a long time stops by and lets the Bumperpodcast in on everything exciting that has been going on in his life.

This is an episode that is not to be missed. It might be your favorite episode ever – but – how will you know unless you take the time to sit a spell and listen to today’s Bumperpodcast!

I talk about my new job . .. walking a dog. Then I notice that there isn’t anyone around to help me. Nobody at all.
Is everyone on vacation?

Is everyone hiding?

Then the trash is gross.

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We are back on the scene . . . going through our inbox.

That’s right – it’s “Mail Time” here on the Bumperpodcast!

Hopes and dreams.

Hopes and dreams.

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