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Today was an exciting and thrilling day around Headquarters – because Natty Bumpercar laid an egg!

Have you ever seen an egg? Let us know by sending an email to bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com – and then we can swap recipes …

I love to eat!!

Today – I had everything in the works to start my new year off right. I dropped baby-style off early at daycare and went straight to the Y to get down with some swim-time. Some serious swim-time.

First I had to deal with not having my Y card. I had hidden my wallet in the car – because I didn’t have a lock – but – they were nice and said that I could get a new card next time.

I went down and down and down into the locker room and changed into my trunks (my swim trunks) and proceeded to take the obligatory shower that you have to take before being allowed to get into the pool. The shower made me freezing – all kinds of freezing. I scooted on tip-toes to the pool to find that it was full. Then – still freezing on my tip-toes – I found another – less full – pool!

I went in to survey the land.

Then – right as I was about to get in – the lifeguard yelled “Swim-Cap.” I did the look around – then point to my chest – “Me?” thing that people tend to do when random proclamations are blurted out in the world. He continued with “You have to have a swim-cap to get into the pool. You can buy one upstairs.”

I then went and dried off . . . changed . . . and went home.

Once home – I made 3 strips of glorious bacon, some scrambled eggs with cheese and diced sauteed onion and a big piece of toasted sourdough bread with a little butter and jam.

It wasn’t the way that I planned to start the day – but – it seemed to work out fine for me.