Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen and Ladies.

Look! In the middle of the busiest of times – here it is. A new cartoon!


Needing a new camera . . . I stumble upon a much worse idea . . . A traveling portrait artist . . . Poodle.

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If you have had a tiny feeling deep down inside that the posts have been a bit skimpy for a quick minute around these parts . . . then I only have one person that I can blame. He hyperventilates, jumps around a lot and has tufts of white fur.

Yep – yep – yep – you guessed it – there is an all new cartoon featuring everyone’s noisiest poodle pal . . . Doodle Poodle. Evidently there is some sort of a basket involved – but that is all that I am allowed to say. Voice Man forced me to sign a nondisclosure contract – and he doesn’t mess around.

So without further to do . . . as Voice Man would say . . . “Let’s see what Doodle Poodle is doing ri-ight now!”

That Doodle Poodle is the crazy!

Oh – My – Gosh . . . You don’t know who “Doodle Poodle” is? Well – he is the svelt puppy with a ridiculous haircut that you see right up there (“up there” being a relative term to describe the only image of a poodle – or of any dog that can currently be found on this here page). You should totally go and visit him, see his new cartoon and then try to get the little singing brushes and pens out of your head . . . they are kind of catchy. Doodle – Poodle – Doodle – Poodle . . . What will he draw next?

And here is how you get there –