Here in Headquarters, everyone is lost and running into walls and spinning around in circles … We make an attempt to jump headfirst back into the waters and end up with a giant bonk on our nose.

Again, we have a guest host and bedlam and chaos and a bunch of sillies.

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There is chaos all around!

The Bumperpodcast is a free weekly comedy podcast with squeaky clean laughs and jumbles!

Holy cow! What a treat … Today – Doodle Poodle stops by the Bumperpodcast to make some potentially awesome drawings.

Oh – and hey! It looks like Voice Man came along for the trip as well – how about that?!

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To get to where you are going!!!

Doodle Poodle is in the house because he received a membo telling him to come in and do a radio show … too bad that Robot comes in and spoils all of the fun.

Will Doodle Poodle be sent to a farm for panting on the microphone?

You will probably have to listen to the Bumperpodcast to find out!

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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! Everyone is onboard for the inaugural Bumperpodcast at New Headquarters … All excited to tell you about the fun new stuff that is going on and …

Then – no one shows up … except for … Well – I’m not going to give the secret away here – now am I?!

We might even learn how to spell a little bit on today’s Bumperpodcast!

(See you January 4 – with a new Snowflake!)