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Bumpercar talks about getting nervous at the doctor and in meetings and in life. There is also a minor interruption from a kid who wants a ukulele …

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The Bumperpodcast is an oftentimes hilarious weekly romp around Headquarters, in Coffee-Can Alley, with Natty Bumpercar and his entire gaggle of pals!

The Bumperpodcast Logo

It’s a ‘Classic Bumperpodcast’ without an interview – and Bumpercar is on a real tear about allergies, and his doctor’s schedule. It’s a bit of a hoot!

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Natty Bumpercar is feeling a might bit better – and is thrilled with modern medical technology. Is it magic – or – is it science? He has no idea!

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Feeling better is better than felling not better!

Bumpercar woke up all excited about getting to talk to you and then he tells a story about how had to go see the doctor about his throat – and – you get to hear all about it.

Listen to the Bumperpodcast and you will find out what happened when he went to the doctor.

Pins and needled. Pins and needles!

Today – I ended up shuttling myself over to see the doctor – mostly because of this chronic illness (yes – a week is chronic to me) and also because going to the doctor is such a blast. Luckily – a little bird was able to give me all of the information that I needed – from all the way across the country – or else I would never have had any idea as to how to find a doctor to go to, what kind of insurance I (evidently) have – or any of that other stuff that most people seem to be able to navigate all by themselves . . . it was bad enough that there were forms to fill out . . . I am miserable with forms – of any kind. I would rather draw cupcakes.

Anyways-er-oonie – the doctor was swell – and basically said that I have some sort of viral thing – and that all of the room spinning dizziness that I have been enjoying for the last couple of days is part of the bug – and it should all go away in a couple of weeks. Yeah – a couple of weeks.

She did assure me – after this great test where she grabbed my head and twisted it to the side three quick times before laying me down and flashing a light into my eyes – that I was young – and that there weren’t really any chances of it being a stoke. So that was reassuring.

Now I am off to squirt some stuff up my nose, take the dog for a walk and then adventure over to an airport to find my little lost bird that is currently flying her way home.

Squirt – squirt – walk – walk – tweet – tweet – tweet.