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Yesterday, it was pointed out to me that the registration on not just one – but – both of my cars – my bumpercars – my bumper-auto-vehicles – were stunningly expired.

Really – only one is stunningly expired … Like over a year – the other is just one little month expired.

Holy cow … I am such a felon. My middle name is Dangerous-Felon – it is a family name.

Today I went to the auto inspection place that is near Headquarters – and they laughed and said “we can’t help you. You are too dangerous. Go to the DMV.”

And now – I am at the DMV – sitting and waiting and waiting. Getting very excited for the verbal lashing that is coming my way … I am starting off with the month expired car and building up to the stunningly long one.

I’m sure that everyone is going to have a grand laugh at all of this … A grand old laugh-er-oo …