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We go to the dentist’s office . . .

Our speech gets slurred . . .

Then we do some babbling!

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Oh boy – Horatio . . .

Did you know that I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago – and I was crowing because it was only a seven minute walk from the newest hide-out – and I was giddy because this dentist was all like checking the alignment of my jaw and measuring my gums with a tiny ruler type of thing and stuff – and is the second dentist in a row to say the words “perfect teeth” while scratching around my mouth??

Did you know any of that – or did I forget to tell you? Because as far as I can tell – it is all true.

The only hitch is that I get (have) to go back – in five measly hours – because evidently – even though my pearly whites are pearly perfect . . . my wild and sugary childhood has set me up for a bit of digging – tooth digging that is.

You see – I have a couple of fillings from back in the day – when I drank Coke from a baby bottle (what – I’m from middle Georgia – I got off pretty easy with the baby-cola thing . . .) – and those fillings are failures that have got to go. One is just going to be another filling (how totally boring is that??) – while the other – and make sure that you are sitting down when I tell you this . . . is going to get a crown . . .

A solid gold (maybe) crown!

I am super-pretty-moderately excited to get a little flash in my molars – and seriously can’t wait until I get to go to the club (that I always go to) and show it off.

You just can’t buy that kind of street cred . . . but I guess I just did!!

(I will update you during my rehab time – because I am sure that this will put me down for several days . . .)