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I can knock this review out with six quick words . . . and I will – at the very end – so – if all you want to do is read the fast and dirty . . . then go ahead and skip all of the fun build-up if you want. As for me. I have a bit of babbling to do.


Can I tell you that I absotutely love dark chocolate? Well – I do – I do – I do. It feels like I’ve broken into my grandmother’s odd assortment of hidden chocolates – and that I’ve escaped the evil wrath that is baking chocolate. It feels like I’m a grown-up dandy – just walking along the main throroughfare with a pretty lady on one arm (you know who you are), my well trained dog walking with us – who never strays more than a couple of feet away – and this exquisite candied bar of chocolate goodness in my other hand. Life can’t get too much better. Can it?!

So – when I was checking out of big store the other day and I spied this good for the heart – full of antioxidants – and also full of the protein packed punch of glory that is peanut butter treat staring me in the face . . . how could I pass it up?! I love regular old milk chocolate Resses cups . . . and those tiny individually wrapped are even better . . . and – and – you would be hard pressed to find any better mix of chocolate and peanut butter than the assorted holiday versions (tree at Christmas, egg at Easter or pumpkin at Halloween). This was bound to be a slam dunker-oo of taste.


And it was . . . except – the ball clanked off of the rim in a horrendous fashion. After one bite, I was left staring at the first cup – trying to figure out what was going on. I took a second bite and the answer hit me in the noggin . . . This dark chocolate was a cheap knockoff facade mockery of the normal good-for-me high-falutin dark chocolate that I had come to love . . . And the peanut butter?! The one thing that the kids at Reese’s should have had no problem with – because they probably use more peanut butter than anyone in the world . . . Well – it was made with extra portions of some sort of crazy salt.

The flavor stuck with me and my mouth felt like a dry dry desert lake on a moon covered-by-clouds darkened night. There was no hope of escaping . . . the horror.

Did I eat the whole thing? Of course. But through the entire time – as I cringed and ground my teeth in annoyance of all of the other treats that I could have picked up . . . the words that kept flip-flopping through my mind were . . . Cheapy dark and too many salts.