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Tired. Tired. Tired.

Natty Bumpercar whines and yawns his way through telling you where he has and hasn’t been sleeping. Everything is falling apart … Everything is unravelling.

Please send us your tips on how to make a 2 year old go to sleep – we are getting desperately sleepy here in Headquarters. Just email us at Bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com with your tips!


I can’t even tell you guys how done I am with getting super-crazy-ugly sick . . . It has happened like 4 times (already) this winter and we still have awhile to go.
I think that my immune system must be operating like a sieve at this point . . . keeping all of the major stuff – like rickets, crickets, and tomfolio – away – but then pulling every other ne’er-do-well bug right to the front of the line – where they are allowed to just sprinkle – sprinkle – sprinkle all over my poor self.
For the last two nights – I was in such a non-breathing pickle – that I had to sleep on the couch . . . and last night I had to sleep sitting up – on the couch – because I kept having to pop up hiccuping and gasping for air . . . when I basically just stopped breathing.
Boo – body – I say thee BOO!

Tag Archive for: Couch