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Yesterday, I wanted soup – really – really badly. I was feeling miserable sick and stuffed up with a balloon for a head and I figured that soup was the only way to go.

However – there was none in the cupboard . . .

So I decided to improvise!

I had some leftover roasted cauliflower in the fridge – so – I dumped that into some chicken stock. Since I was feeling under the weather – chicken stock seemed like a swell way to go. Next up, I added about a half a head of raw garlic in . . . not a clove, a head. I wanted a super-dose of garlic to kick my cold out. Then a little handful of barley, the rest of the baby arugula and a big dollop of chili-garlic sauce.

I was really betting on the garlic to set me straight. I was also kind of hedging that bet by adding the hot sauce – just in case.

I then let all of it simmer in a pot for about 20 minutes – to make sure that the garlic got nice and mushy – – – and then whamm-o! It was time to eat.

The end result was tasty and spicy and pretty much a grand success. The cauliflower had fallen apart into little bits, the garlic was proper and the heat was abundant. I ate and ate and ate and then ended up going to the doctor – because the stuffed head managed to get worse – somehow – instead of better.

Oh well! At least I got a nice bowl of experimenting with what is in the kitchen soup!

Do you experiment in your kitchen? Or are you more of a stick with a recipe type – or – maybe a stick with the bags of pre-made stuff that comes in the box from the store – or – last maybe – one of those that just has nice people who come to your house and give you your food all ready made?

I’m itching to know . . . Maybe you will let me know?? Uhm . . . maybe??


Here it is. It is super simple.

Take a head of cauliflower and cut off all of the florets.
the amount of milk that you use is directly proportional to how much cauliflower you have.

Get the milk to a boil – not rolling – just starting to boil – and then drop the cauliflower in.


You will have to keep stirring – so as to make sure that your milk doesn’t scorch (don’t have the heat too high) – and also to make sure that all of the cauliflower is getting some milky attention (the milk shouldn’t really cover all of the cauliflower).


Once the cauliflower is done (ready to fall apart) – start mashing it all up – adding your parmesan – or peccorino romano – or whatever nice salty cheese that you have – and then a little bit of sour cream or a touch of butter (if you want)

A little salt and pepper – and that is it.

The only tough thing is the eyeballing of the amounts – too much milk – and it is all too runny – not enough – and it won’t cook properly.