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Then the saddest thing happened . . . Well – to be completely honest – it isn’t really the saddest thing ever . . . but it is a real distinction of a passage of time that seems to be moving ahead at a rocket’s pace. Our tiniest of crew members has started being shipped off four days a week to the dreaded land knows only as daycare. And even with all of the deepest pits in my tiny bird-like stomach getting deeper and deeper the closer that the initial drop-off came – I have to say that the boy seems to really be enjoying the process . . . a lot.

Almost 11 months – or so – ago, a bunch of applications were filled out and contact numbers were called. While the situation of getting to hang out with the tiny all of the time was an appealing prospect, the super amount of stress of not being able to work or sleep or work or make money or take business calls or have a tenth of a brain to be able to make things made the whole thing daunting.

A quick side-note. What a grand world it would be if we could just hang out at home with the wifey and the doggie and the baby – in our headquarters that was more than a handful of rooms big . . . where there was an ounce of extra inches to have a work space and a fun space – instead of having it all jumbled on top of each other. Wow! That was kind of close to griping – really though – it was just a Bumpercar having a dream – and is that really such a bad thing at all?! I didn’t think so.

Back to the boy.

Now – how could this happen? Why couldn’t Socks step up – or maybe Robot could have done something? Why in the world – with a Headquarters full of helpers couldn’t someone have stepped up to keep this from happening?!

Jeez. Relax. It is a great thing. He loves it a lot. A whole lot. And, it is so good for him to be around other small people – picking up their tricks and their germs and whatnot – but that is a story for a different day. Do I sound like I’m trying to convince myself? Maybe a little bit . . . I miss having the screams and the giggles around the house – but – it is good. Look at me – getting to write something again – how fun is that!?

On with the story.

The place is nice enough. There are rooms with other small people doing things that small people seem to enjoy doing. My boss took a trip out and gave the place a stern once over, reviews were read online and things seemed to be all in order. I then went in to meet people and take my own look around – under the guise of dropping off some papers – and a registration check – yeouch – money – money – money! It passed my tests as well – and so – things were set into motion. The boy would be joining the fold of the small people who do things that other small people seem to enjoy doing . . . and he would be the best at that activity that there ever was (unless you have ever had a tiny – and then from your perspective – the judges will accept that we came in second best – – not third, though. If you have multiple children – then we are going to have to give you first place and then third and up from there. We get second – or – we take our ball and leave the court.).

The first day, we got there 1/2 hour late because packing and rushing and trying to get someplace at a designated time is next to impossible at this point. We were only there for an hour – and it was snack time. There was a tiny table and each child got a cracker. Maybe it was a Ritz. I had to go to the office to fill out a bunch more paperwork. If you know me at all – then you know how much I absolutely love filling out paperwork – except not really. In the office, there was a video camera where I could sit and watch everything that was going on . . . that mostly consisted of what I have already mentioned – – small people doing things that small people seem to enjoy doing. I should mention that there was nary a whimper or even a glance over his shoulder when I left the room. That was bittersweet. While I didn’t want him to cry – and he hasn’t figured out how to wave yet – maybe he could have blinked once to acknowledge what was going on – or something . . . The hour was up. We got into our jalopy and zipped back to Headquarters.

The next day was the hour where I was to drop him off and go about my merry way . . . for an hour. I did my part with the dropping, he did his part with the not looking back and off I went to get a pedicure – again – that is a story for another day. I went and picked him up from his playing and we headed home. The initial two days had been a swimming success!

The rest of the week went well. We got better at mobilizing and getting all of everything that is needed on a daily basis all packed up. And things around the house slowly started to get less undone and moderately more done. The drop-offs weren’t difficult at all – as there was still no recognition that a drop-off was even occurring. The world was shaping up to be a nice little place. All of the fears were for naught – right?! Well – maybe . . . I’m only taking you up to the end of week number 1 at this point . . . who knows what monsters lie in wait in week number 2?! Only the Jabberwocky . . . Only the Jabberwocky knows.

(See you January 4 – with a new Snowflake!)


Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen and Ladies.

Look! In the middle of the busiest of times – here it is. A new cartoon!