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Today, while wandering around, I found a little bird sitting in the middle of a path. I said “Hello Mister Bird!” and kept walking. I was moderator concerned that there was a bird engaged in such an unbirdlike activity – but – I left him to his business.

When I came back down the path from where I was – he was still sitting there and I decided that I needed to take action. I got down on the ground and asked him what was going on, if he knew where he was, if he was injured and if there was anyone that I should call. He just stared at me.

I stared back for a moment and then told him that sitting in the direct sunlight was probably not doing him any good. So I got some sticks and started to move him into the shade. He wasn’t a fan of the sticks … He raised a wing.

I wanted to avoid touching him with my hands since birds bathe in dirt – and – he may have had the sickness … So – I wrapped my hands in napkins, made a little scoop and gently delivered him into a nice spot under a bush.

Finally, someone came by and we decided that some proper authorities – with more bird helping experience – should be brought in. I left the situation in their hands – but – hope to get an update later this afternoon on the case that we’ll call “The Plight if the Sitting Bird!”

Blue skies and big trucks!
We bolt out of headquarters to go and experience nature . . . it’s just so darn natural!
Enjoy listening to me huff and sniffle as I walk – enjoy Socks rolling on the ground and birds tweeting in the trees.
It’s the best that we can do.
It’s the best that we can possibly do.
Enjoy it!

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