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Hooray for baby squirrels that carry signs!

The little photo below ended up on cuteoverload.com . . . a site about really cute things – which a baby squirrel is . . . very cute.

Here is the link:  Cute Overload Link!

Too bad that they cropped the image – and didn’t link back to here – but hey – me and the baby squirrel aren’t really all that choosey. We just enjoyed reading the comments.

Yeah – that is right – I took the baby squirrel in as my potential secretary . . . so – on a break – we read some internets . . . good – good times.

Here is a hot hot tip.

I was walking the dog (Irving Brown Socks) around the block this morning – and was stunned to find the tiniest of political rallies underway . . . and it was all happening on my street! I’m not really sure what pulled this baby squirrel over to Obama’s side . . . but I really feel like it is some sort of solidarity with the baby wolf contingent from the far up north – evidently he isn’t much of a fan of Palin . . . something about helicopters – or something . . .

Anyway – while we here on the Bumperblog are hesitant to stick our necks into the deep end of the political pool . . . it is good to know that this tiny woodland creature sees this as an important election – and it’s also pretty interesting that he is nuts for Obama.

Have a swell day.

– N.Bumpercar

Baby Squirrel for Obama