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The other morning – at 6:00 a.m. – I was (un)pleasantly awakened by my pooch pal of a friend (Irving Brown Socks) throwing up right on me. It was a particularly distressing event – mostly – because there was absolutely no doggie early warning system to alert me to my impending doom. One minute – there was pleasant sleep – and the next . . . hot hot nasty.

Normally – he starts to frown (a signal that I never would have picked up on while asleep) and then he begins to blurka-blurka-blurka until his stomach becomes empty. But now – evidently – we live in a world where a dog can just stealthily hop onto an unsuspecting sleeper, throw-up and then scoot back to his “canine-camper.”

If we allow these aggressions to stand, then the dogs have truly won