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I use Google Adsense on my site to try to get people clicking on ads so that I can pay to keep a lightbulb or two on – and – after many headaches of the site getting all kinds of broken for some reason or another – it seems to work pretty great.

I have made upwards of dollar!

Baby Bumpercar is dancing.

For a dollar.

That he will never see.

The nuttiest magical thing is that along with some other sort of alchemy – the ads are content specific in what they tend to show. (The nutty part is about to come – if you were wondering where it went . . .) And – every time that I come to my site – I’m like Wow! I’d love to know more about this thing – or – that thing that is being advertised. It is obviously something that I am interested in – since I did the writing . . . So – maybe – I’ll – just – click – and . . .


As the site owner – the one who sets the context that the ads are at least partially derived from – I am the one person in the world who isn’t allowed to click on any of the ads on the site. It would be disingenuous cheating.

So – sometimes I find myself doing a Google search for the thing that is advertised on my site to find out more about it . . .what a tangled and circuitous web we weave when honesty is in the mix.

Come to me . . . Click my Ad . . . Get kicked to the Adsense curb.

No thanks Google. I’ll just root around – here – on my own until I get my info the old fashioned way – which means asking the librarian to help me – of course!