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Is ours a predictable era or an era of predictable error? Expect the unexpected as we cloud your head with worldly thoughts of weather forecasting, critters and digital innovation.

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Can I tell you? Can I tell you? Can I tell you? That twice in a month I got to go and get dressed up as a zombie – to shuffle about and yell and moan and look at balloons all while a camera was whirring away? Oops! I guess I just did.

Well – partners in crime . . . it may be a bit of a secret – so I don’t want to blow anyone else’s spot up – or anything . . . but I had bunches of fun and I looked kind of like that photo (above) – or at least what the photo looked like before I started futzing with photoshop filters and transparencies – and what not.

Hooray for when people let me act like stuff!