Taco Bell – Volcano Taco

This taco is the best!

My television recently came down from magic mountain with news of a product so wonderful and perfect – that they had me at red shell.

It all makes so much sense . . . different colored taco shells! Just think about it – our feet are now firmly planted on the way to a Christmas themed tacos – a July 4th taco – a President’s day taco!!!

Anyway – it is called the “Volcano Taco” and except for a bit of spicy orange goo. . . It is really just a normal meat, lettuce and cheese – taco.

Wait – did I just say that it is basically a normal taco?!? Well – it isn’t. It is a super-taco, it is the future and it comes in a red shell.

Seriously – I’m not even kidding around a bit . . . this taco is the best.