Super Old Painting #4

I don’t think that I have put this up for you to see yet – but if I have – let me know – and I will shut the site down. It is the first part of a two part painting that I did long long ago – by the name of “BOOM” – all together it was six feet tall by about fourteen feet long . . . this one by itself is six feet tall by seven feet long (ooh the math!).

I am not sure if this painting still exists – the last time that I saw it – it was in a garage with a big rip in it . . . so my advice – kids – is that if you absolutely have to paint huge paintings (which I really really do enjoy doing) – then at least get really really good photos of them (preferably) before they get ripped – or else you will be sad.

I think that I painted this sometime around 1996 . . . so it is pretty old.

If I can find the other half – I will post it for you kids to see too.