Sugar Shock


I totally lost my business yesterday while on a “fountain dew” run. That term is clearly just cool-speak for a Mountain Dew from the fountain run – and everyone on the planet knows that there is nothing more satisfying than when you can have your favorite frosty beverage perfectly mixed from the nozzle of the magic machine (where all good things come from).

As I walked into the store – I ran straight to the fountain – where I tested out the product to make sure that it was pure, sweet and well-mixed (which it was) and then I was overtaken by an overpowering need to have a bag of chips to go along with the drink – so I picked up a bag of jalapeno chips. Now that should have been plenty to hold me over – but while going to the register to pay – the design of the store conveniently ushered me past the candy aisle – where I was tripped up by the thought that it had been awhile since I had bought any sweet treats. I lost all self control and bought a bag if Peanut M&M’s and a bag of Swedish Fish.

What had started off as a quick trip to quench my thirst had exploded into a full on sugar frenzy. I then went back to my desk and started down the not too long path to a sugar induced headache/stomach ache of mythical proportions.

A big night was had by all.

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